Bucky/Steve vid where my obsession with Winter Soldier’s badassery is very much on display

Title: Problem
Song Artist: Natalia Kills
Fandoms: Captain America, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
Character/Relationship: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)/Steve Rogers
Length: 3:23
Warnings: Typical movie violence, with some images of torture and abuse.
Vid Summary: Bucky Barnes is a goddamn problem.

Downloadable versions: "Problem" on Dreamwidth or "Problem" on Livejournal.

This is my favorite fanvid right now and I’m not ashamed.




I’m having a giveaway!  I’m giving away patches and paintings to three lucky people.  Paintings and patches which have yet to be made, which means the three lucky winners get to pick what they get!

Here’s what the winners will get:

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